The Predictive Brain Conference


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 The Predictive Brain Conference is the Third edition of the INS Conference.

The format has been chosen to promote discussion and creativity with special attention to theoretical questions.

Latest breakthroughs in modeling, cognitive neurosciences, neurophysiology and clinical approaches will provide different insights into a general framework of brain functioning.

Special emphasis will be given to the relation between action and perception, the dynamic nature of neural information and the interactive (brain-environment) nature of predictions.




Marseille, France, 26th-27th September 2019
Organizing Committee:
Daniele Schon
Benjamin Morillon
Mira Didic
Pascale Quilichini
Campus Santé La Timone (Amphithéatre Toga)
27 Bd Jean Moulin, 13005 Marseille, France.
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updated: 10/01/2019