Administrative organization

The Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes (INS) is composed of a total of 60-70 members with a permanent staff of 27 researchers (University faculty (PU/MCU-PH), Inserm, CNRS) and is organized into four research teams:

  1. Theoretical Neurosciences
  2. Dynamics of cognitive processes
  3. Physiology and physiopathology of brain networks (PhysioNet)
  4. Dynamical brain mapping (DynaMap)

 The administrative staff comprises:

Véronique Ayala, administration
Sonia Timourian, administration
Conchetta Taverna, administration


The management structure consists of a director (Viktor Jirsa) and deputy director (Patrick Chauvel), a directorial board and an institute council.

The Directorial Board is the core decisional body of INS acting as the steering committee and is composed of all group leaders, the director and deputy director. In addition, the coordinators of the cross cutting research projects may be invited for additional counsel. The Directorial Board sets the organizational and scientific policy of the Institute.

The Institute Council is composed of all INS members and meets 2-3 times per year. It advises the Directorial Board on all issues regarding the general functioning of INS.

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of scientists of international caliber external to INS. Its mission is to provide advice on the organizational and scientific policy of the Institute as well as on the recruitment of new group leaders. It meets once a year.