INS Seminars

We organize two types of seminars:

  • INS Keynote Seminars, giving “carte blanche” to prestigious speakers, invited to present a broad survey of their research achievements, in a format accessible to a non specialist audience of general systems and cognitive neuroscientists
  • INS Topical Seminars, which are more informal presentations aiming at introducing recent advancements in specific fields or illustrating technical approaches in more detail, always, of course, after a general introduction to the context and a fast survey of the state of the art.

Our keynotes and topical seminars for the years 2016/2017 can be found here.




• Topical Seminar: ! Monday, 28th August 2017 10h30
  Jean-Rémi King
  New York University, New-York, USA
  Identifying the neural architecture of human cognition (abstract here)
• Keynote Seminar: ! Wednesday, 27th September 2017 14.00
  Rafael Malach
  Department of Neurobiology, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
  Neuronal “Ignitions” underlying human perceptual awareness
• Joint INS / INT Keynote Seminar: Thursday, 9th November 2017 14.00, ! special room: Gastaut seminar room @INT
  Stefano Panzeri
  Italian Institute of Technology – IIT, Neural Computation Lab, Rovereto, Italy





For more informations, presentation material or proposing speakers to invite, please contact the INS seminars organizers:

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