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Sophie Chen

Sophie Chen, IE Inserm


My work : I am working at the MEG laboratory of INS since December 2012 as an engineer.

My main work is to provide/develop appropriate tools (involving source localization on EEG/MEG data, statistical analysis) to physicians and researchers for analyzing their data. Most of the tools we develop are / will be available on our wiki: meg.univ-amu.fr

About me : I obtained my bioengineering degree (Master Degree) in 2009 after a 6-month internship under the supervision of Sylvain Baillet (McGill University) at the MEG lab of  the Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI, USA).

 In 2013, I completed my PhD in Neurosciences in Marseille, under the supervision of Jozina De Graaf (ISM, Marseille). My PhD work was focused on the implication of the supplementary motor area (SMA) while performing the precision grip, in humans. We studied the corticomuscular coherence between EEG/MEG sensors and thumb-index muscle activities in a visuomotor tracking task. In a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) experiment in humans, we compared the corticospinal projections properties of M1 and SMA to distal hand muscles. My future work is to define at the source level the functional connectivity network underlying this process on MEG data.