DynaMap Team Member

Nicolas Roehri

Nicolas Roehri, PhD student


I graduated from INP Grenoble - Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Physique, Electronique, Matériaux (Phelma) in 2014. I did an exchange at Imperial College London for the final year of my Master's. While at Phelma, I forged a background in biology, electronics and biomedical imaging. In London, I followed lectures from the Neurotechnology Master.

I am currently doing a PhD at the Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes in the DynaMap Team supervised by Dr. Christian-G Bénar and Prof. Fabrice Bartolomei.  For pre-surgical examination, epileptic patients are implanted with stereoelectroencephalographic electrodes to identify the zone that has to be removed for the patient to be seizure free. During these examinations, clinitians identify several zones such as the Seizure Onset Zone or the Irritative Zone. My project aims at comparing these standard zones with the recent High-Frequency Oscillation zone.