TNG Team Member

Meysam Hashemi

Meysam Hashemi, Postdoc


I have received my Ph.D. in computer science from INRIA CR Nancy Grand Est. Currently, I am a member of TNG team.
I have had extensive experience in working with neural models at single neuron and neural population levels, in both numerically and analytically approaches. Now, my work deals with model parameter estimation and data fitting using optimization algorithm and Bayesian analysis.

 My education:

✎  2012-2016, P.hD. In Computer science, Universite de Lorraine , Nancy, France.

Thesis: Analytical and numerical studies of thalamo-cortical neural population models during general anesthesia.

Supervisor : Dr. Axel Hutt

✎  2008-2011, M.Sc. In Physics, Soft Condensed Matter, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences IASBS, Zanjan, IRAN.

Thesis: Effect of the duration of the synaptic activity on a neuronal loop with delayed feedback.

Supervisor : Dr. Alireza Valizadeh

✎  2004-2008, B.Sc. in Physics, Kharazmi university (Training Teacher University), Tehran, IRAN.



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