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Francesca Pizzo

Francesca Pizzo, PhD student



Graduated from medical school (2009) and specialized in Neurology (2015) at the University of Florence, I developed an interest in epilepsy research. I did a research fellowship (2014) at the Montreal Neurological Institute where I elaborate new skills in signal analysis applied on scalp and SEEG recordings (high frequency oscillations). From December 2015 I joined the INS, and I started a PhD (2016) on brain signal analysis in epilepsy under the supervision of Dr Christian Bénar and Prof Fabrice Bartolomei.
I’m currently working on simultaneous SEEG-MEG-EEG recordings and SEEG data of epilepsy patients, focusing on epileptic network dynamics.

See my publications on research gate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Francesca_Pizzo4/publications