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Driss Boussaoud

Driss Boussaoud, DR CNRS



Phone number:
+33 4 91 32 49 15

Born : September 1st 1958, Aït Youssi – Sefrou, Morocco.
1997 Habilitation to direct research, Univ. Claude Bernard, Lyon (FR)
1981-1983 Doctoral Thesis in Neurosciences, Univ. Claude Bernard, Lyon (FR)
1980-1981 Pre-doc degree in Neurosciences (DEA), Univ. Claude Bernard, Lyon (FR)
1979-1980 Master of Biology and Geology, University Mohamed V, Rabat (Morocco)

Past positions
2008-2015 Project leader and Coordinator, the French-Moroccan Neuroscience Consortium (GDRI) CNRS, INSERM (France) and CNRST (Morocco)
2009-2013 Project leader and Coordinator of N€UROMED, FP7 International Cooperation, REGPOT-2009-2 – www.neuromedproject.eu/
2004-2011 Founder and Director of the Mediterranean Institute for Cognitive Neurosciences (INCM, UMR6193, Marseille), a Joint Research Unit CNRS & Univ. Aix-Marseille (France)
1997-2004 Research Director (DR1), CNRS, Institute for Cognitive Sciences, Lyon (France)
1992-1997 Tenured Research position (CR1), CNRS (France), INSERM Unit Vision & Motricité, Lyon (Dir. Marc Jeannerod)
1989-1991 Research Associate, Laboratory of Neurophysiology (Dir. Steve Wise) National Institute of Mental Health, Poolsville (USA)
1986-1989 Post-doctoral Fellow at the Lab. of Neuropsychology (Dir. Mortimer Mishkin), National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda (USA)
1984-1985 Head of the Dep. of Biology, Faculty of Science, Univ. Moulay Ismail, Meknes (Morocco)
1983-1985 Assistant Prof. of Neurobiology, Faculty of Science, Univ. Moulay Ismail, Meknes (Morocco)

Current positions
2012… Senior Researcher, at INS UMR 1106, INSERM & Aix-Marseille Univ., Marseille (France)
2008… Coordinator of the French-Moroccan Neuroscience Consortium (GDRI) CNRS, INSERM (France) and CNRST (Morocco).

Collaborations, internationality
Over the years, I have established international collaborations with Colleagues in Switzerland (Prof. E. Rouiller, Prof. MC Hepp-Raymond), Germany (CP Hoffman, F. Bremmer, Bochum), USA (L. Ungerleider, R. Desimone, S. Wise, NIH), and the United Kingdom (J. Kilner, P. Haggard, UCL).
In recent years, I have concentrated my efforts on developing links/collaborations with scientists in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).
- GDRI: The initial step was the creation of a bi-lateral program between France and Morocco (GDRI, http://gdri-neuroscience-france-maroc.scicog.fr/).
- NEUROMED: With Colleagues from France, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, Algeria and Turkey, I have initiated and coordinated a multi-lateral program funded by the EU (www.neuromedproject.eu);
- MNS (http://www.mnsociety.net/): Founder and 1st President (2009-2012) of the Mediterranean Neuroscience Society. The MNS now holds a bi-annual meeting, and contributes to sustaining scientific exchanges and collaborations between neuroscientists of the region.
- Overall, these initiatives have given opportunities to hundred of young researchers to benefit from grants and fellowships within international exchanges.

Publication record (ISI Web of Science)
I have authored and co-authored over 67 articles published in Journals listed in the Web of Science including Cereb. Cortex, Neuroimage, J. Neurophyol. J. Comp. Neurol., Beh. Brain Res. as corresponding author. These publications have been cited more than 3,600 times, with an average citation per item of 58 times, and h index is 32 according to Web of Science (36 in google scholar). I also published book chapters, and gave more than 100 international conferences.

Teaching experience
Since 2012 Euro-Mediterranean Master of Neurobiology and Biotechnology, ISIS, Tempus Program (FP7, EU) http://isis-master.org/
2010-2013 International Neuroscience School, NEUROMED (Egypt, Algeria, Morocco)
Since 2008 Winter School of Neuroscience of the GDRI (France-Morocco)
Since 2005 Master of Neuroscience, Aix-Marseille Univ.
2000-2003 Master of Cognitive Sciences, Univ. Lyon
Master of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (Toulouse)
National Master of Neuropsychology (Lyon)
Master of Neurosciences, Univ. Claude Bernard (Lyon)
Master of Neurosciences, Aix-Marseille Univ. (Marseille)
1992-1996 Courses of Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of action.
Master of Neurosciences, Univ. Claude Bernard, Lyon.
Master of Cognitive Sciences, Univ. of Grenoble.
1983-1985 Assistant Professor of Biology, Univ. of Meknes, Morocco.

Funding ID (only last 5 years)
2012-2015 GDRI Neuro, French-Morocco consortium of Neuroscience, CNRS & INSERM (France), CNRST (Maroc). 200 000€, 4 years. P.I. D. Boussaoud.
2009-2013 N€UROMED, « Building Capacities for Mediterranean Neuroscience », 1M€, 42 months, 7 Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Spain, France, Morocco, Italy, Turkey). PI. D. Boussaoud
2009-2012 ARCUS CERES, French Foreign Ministry and the PACA Region. Project: «Parkinson’s disease. PI. D. Boussaoud.
2008-2011 GDRI Neuro, French-Morocco consortium of Neuroscience, CNRS & INSERM (France), CNRST (Maroc), 400.000€, 4 years. PI. D. Boussaoud.
2008-2010 Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR). PI. D. Boussaoud. 320.000€.
2004-2007 ACI « Neurosciences Intégratives et Computationnelles », French Ministry of Research. Role: D. Boussaoud.

National and International Advisory Functions
2009-2013 President of the steering committee of the Euro-Mediterranean Neuroscience programme, NEUROMED (FP7, Regpot).
2009-2011 Coordinating officer of “Cognition” at the Institute of Biological Sciences (INSB/CNRS, France)
2004-2008 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the CNRS (Comité National, Section 27, France)
1997-2003 Member of the Scientific Council of f the Institute for Cognitive Sciences Lyon (France)
1998-2000 Member of the ACI (now National Research Agency, ANR), Paris (France)

Leadership and management activities
2008-2015 Coordinator of the France-Morocco consortium of Neurosciences (GDRI), including 29 laboratories, more than 300 researchers.
2009-2013 PI and leader of the Neuromed project: 7 countries, 26 institutional and academic members, more than 2000 scientists.
2003-2011 Project leader and Director of the Mediterranean Institute for Cognitive Neurosciences, INCM, a joint research Unit operated by the CNRS and the Aix-Marseille University. At it most advanced phase, the Institute gathered 100 researchers including 37 tenured personnel.

10-Year-Track-Record (10 publications as senior author, last 10 years)

Isbaine F, Demolliens M, Belmalih A, Brovelli A, Boussaoud D (2015). Learning by observation in the macaque monkey under high experimental constraints. BEH. BRAIN RES., 289:141–148.

Allami N., Brovelli A., E-M Hamzaoui, Regragui F, Paulignan Y and Boussaoud D. (2014). Neurophysiological correlates of visuo-motor learning through mental and physical practice. NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA, 55:6-14.

Monfardini E., Gazzola V. Boussaoud D. et al. (2013). Vicarious Neural Processing of Outcomes during Observational Learning. PLOS ONE, 8:e73879.

Hadj-Bouziane F., Benatru I., Brovelli A., Klinger H., Thobois S., Broussolle E., Boussaoud D., Meunier M. (2013). Advanced Parkinson’s disease effect on goal-directed and habitual processes involved in visuomotor associative learning. FRONT. HUM. NEUROSCI., doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2012.00351

Brovelli A, Nazarian B, Meunier M and Boussaoud D. (2011). Differential roles of caudate nucleus and putamen during instrumental learning. NEUROIMAGE, 57:1580-90.

Thura D., Hadj-Bouziane F., Meunier M., Boussaoud D. (2011). Hand Modulation of Visual, Preparatory, and Saccadic Activity in the Monkey Frontal Eye Field. CEREB. CORTEX, 21:853-64.

Brovelli A, Laksiri N, Nazarian B, Meunier M. and Boussaoud D (2008). Understanding the neural computations of arbitrary visuomotor learning through fMRI and associative learning theory. CEREBRAL CORTEX, 18:1485-1495.

Thura D, Hadj-Bouziane F, Meunier M and Boussaoud D (2008). Hand position modulates saccadic activity in the frontal eye field. BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RES., 186:148-153.

Meunier M, Monfardini E, Boussaoud D (2007). Learning by observation in rhesus monkeys. NEUROBIOLOGY OF LEARNING AND MEMORY, 88:243-248.

Brovelli A, Lachaux JP, Kahane P, Boussaoud D (2005). High gamma frequency oscillatory activity dissociates attention from intention in the human premotor cortex. NEUROIMAGE, 28:154-164.

Invited presentations (from more than 100)
Apr. 2014. The major progress of Neuroscience research in the last decade. Moroccan Academy of Science (Académie Hassan II des Sciences et Techniques, Rabat - Morocco).
Dec. 2011. International Symposium on Learning, memory and Cognitive Function. Valencia (Spain).
Feb. 2011. The neural bases of learning: from neurons to Parkinson’s disease. Faculty of Medicine, Rabat (Morocco).
Mar. 2010. The neural basis of learning: from basic research to clinical applications. Biotechnology Department, Suez Canal University, Ismailia (Egypt).
Mar. 2010. How do we learn new skills? Neuronal activity and Parkinson’s disease. Zoology Department, Alexandria University, Alexandria (Egypt).
Mar. 2010. Neuromed symposium on neuronal plasticity and brain repair. Department of Neurology, Assiut University Hospital, Assiut (Egypt).
Oct. 2007. Neural dynamics, behavioral context and learning. Neurospin (Paris).
May 2005. The Neural Bases of visuomotor learning. Univ. Hassan II, Casablanca (Morocco).
March 2004. The Premotor Cortex, interface between attention and action. Collège de France, Paris.
May 1998. Guiding the hand to its goal: parietal and premotor networks for eye-hand coordination and visuo-motor channels. Symposium "The Neural basis of hand dexterity", Monte Verita, Suisse.
Nov. 1998. The parietal and premotor cortex: what do they tell each other? Institute for Neuroiformatics, Zûrich, Suisse.
Nov. 1996. Combined representations of gaze and limb movement directions in the dorsal premotor cortex. "Sensorimotor '96" Symposium, Society for Neuroscience, 1996.

Organization of International Symposia
5th International Winter School – GDRI – December 2013 (Ifrane, Morocco).
International Symposium on Learning, memory and Cognitive Function. Dec 2011, Valencia (Spain).
2nd International N€UROMED Workshop. June 2010 (Fez, Morocco).
Symposium on « Neural dynamics and learning ». 3rd Mediterranean Neuroscience Conference, Dec. 2009 (Alexandria Egypt).
Workshop on Oscillations and higher brain function. Jan. 2003 (Lyon)

Editorship and reviewing for International Journals
Deputee Section Editor, European J. Neuroscience.
Referee for international journals including Science, J. Neurosci., Neuroimage, J. Neurophysiol., European J. Neurosci…

Training of PhD and post-doc fellows
I trained 14 doctoral and post-doctoral fellows. All have currently a position in academic research and/or senior positions in private companies. Four are leaders of research projects and/or groups. A selection is presented:
Andrea Brovelli, post-doc (2003-2009). Currently tenured CNRS researcher (CR1, INT, Marseille). http://brovelli.free.fr/
David Thura, PhD (2003-2007). Currently post-doc fellow at the Dept. of Physiol., Montreal University, Montreal (Canada).
Elisabeta Monfardini, PhD (2006-2009). Currently Research Associate at the Institut de Médecine Environnementale (Paris).
James Kilner, post-doc (2001-2003). Currently group leader as a Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow based at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, London. https://sites.google.com/site/kilnerlab/people
Alice C. Roy, PhD (1998-2001). Currently tenured CNRS researcher at the CNRS (CR1, ISC, Lyon).
Fadila Hadj-Bouziane, PhD (1999-2003). Currently tenured CNRS researcher at the Centre de Recherche de Neuroscience de Lyon (France).
Dottie Clower, post-doc (1997-98). Currently Vice President of Business Development and Operations (Pittsburg University and Cohera).
Christophe Jouffrais (1996-2000). Currently Senior Researcher at the CNRS (DR2, IRIT, Toulouse) and ANR project leader (http://navig.irit.fr/)
Judith Tanné (1995-1998). Currently Senior Consultant at Jenwin Consult
Driss.Boussaoud@univ-amu.fr / Driss.Boussaoud@gmail.com / Octobre 2015