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Christophe Bernard

Christophe Bernard, DR Inserm
PhysioNet Team Leader



Phone number:
+33 4 91 29 98 06


1984    Ecole Centrale Paris (Mathematics and theoretical physics)
1990    Ph.D in Neuroscience: Theoretical and experimental study of the immature cerebellar cortex. University of Paris VI

1989        Permanent position INSERM
1991-1994    Post-Doctoral, Southampton University, UK
1995-1999    INSERM U29, Paris, France
1999-2001    Sabbatical leave, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
2001-2004    INSERM U29, Luminy, Marseille, France
2004-2012    INSERM U751, Timone, Marseille, France
2012-              INSERM U1106, Timone, Marseille, France

Advisory functions
-    Since 2009    Scientific advisor of Laboratory of Microelectronics (Gardanne, France)
-    Since 2005    Treasurer and ad hoc member of Neurobiology Commission of ILAE (International League Against Epilepsy)
-    Since 2002    Member of Scientific council of FFRE (Fédération Française pour la Recherche sur l’Epilepsie – French Epilepsy Research Foundation)
-    2009-2010    Scientific Delegate (DS for LS5) for AERES (French Agency for the scientific evaluation of research laboratories)
-    2006-2010    Member of Program Committee of SfN (Society for Neuroscience) – Chair of Theme C (Neurological Disorders)
-    1998-2002    ad hoc member, INSERM Neuroscience survey committee.

Since 2011, reviewing editor for The Journal of Neuroscience





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