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Aileen McGonigal

Aileen McGonigal, PH


Phone number:
+33 4 91 38 59 28

I am a consultant epileptologist, trained in neurology and neurophysiology in the UK and working in Marseille, France since 2003. My research interests include seizure semiology, frontal lobe seizures, stereoelectroencephalography and neuropsychiatric aspects of epilepsy.  

PhD (University of Glasgow 2015) : Contribution of seizure semiology to diagnosis and anatomo-electrical localisation of epilepsy.

I am PI on an ongoing multi-centre French study looking at links between epilepsy, stress and depression, through measuring BDNF.

Selected publications

  • *Ultra-short screening instruments for major depressive episode and generalized anxiety disorder in epilepsy: The NDDIE-2 and the GAD-SI. Micoulaud-Franchi JA, Bartolomei F, McGonigal A.J Affect Disord. 2016; 210:237-240.
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  • *Rapid detection of generalized anxiety disorder and major depression in epilepsy: Validation of the GAD-7 as a complementary tool to the NDDI-E in a French sample. Micoulaud-Franchi JA, Lagarde S, Barkate G, Dufournet B, Besancon C, Trébuchon-Da Fonseca A, Gavaret M, Bartolomei F, Bonini F, McGonigal A. Epilepsy Behav. 2016;57(Pt A):211-6.
  • *One step closer to a global tool for rapid screening of major depression in epilepsy: Validation of the French NDDI-E.  Micoulaud-Franchi JA, Barkate G, Trébuchon-Da Fonseca A, Vaugier L, Gavaret M, Bartolomei F, McGonigal A. Epilepsy Behav. 2015; 44:11-6
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