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Anton Ivanov

Anton Ivanov, IR Inserm


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+33 (0)4 91 29 98 11

Originally I was physicist but converted in electrophysiologist during my thesis work (1994-98). Now I am rather neuronal cells "dietician": I am investigating what do neurons and theirs colleagues astrocytes prefer to "eat" at resting state, during physiological neuronal network activity, during seizures like events. Why is it important? We found that functional properties of neurons depend on the available nutriment type. Glucose, lactate, pyruvate, ketone bodies are not only fuels for the neuronal energy metabolism but also modulator of the electrophysiological activity, some of them may contribute to excitation some others to inhibition. Therefore we believe that by modifying energy substrates composition it is possible to modulate neuronal excitability. This knowledges are useful for the development metabolism targeting therapies for the treatment of neurological disease where the neuronal excitability is impaired. My research tools are glucose, lactate, oxygen sensing, NAD(P)H and FAD imaging, conjugated with electrophysiological recordings.

NAD(P)H fluorescence an tissue oxygen during bicuculline inducesd epilepti-form activity NAD(P)H fluorescence and tissue oxygen changes during bicuculline induced epilepti-form activity recorded in mouse hippocampus in vitro.