Physiology & Physiopathology of Neuronal Networks Group (PhysioNet)

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Our principal objective is to understand how physiological and pathological behaviors emerge from the organization and the reorganization of the underlying neuronal architecture. The group’s research is structured around five themes:

  1. Cell/network dynamics and learning in physiological and pathological conditions (in epileptic patients and rodents)
  2. Mechanisms leading to the construction of an epileptic brain (in epileptic patients, monkeys and rodents)
  3. Anatomo-functional organization of normal and epileptic networks (in epileptic patients, monkeys and rodents)
  4. Coupling between metabolism, chloride homeostasis and cell/network function (in rodents)
  5. (NEW) Neuroengineering: this research field is developed by a new group inside Physionet, lead by Dr. Adam Williamson, recipient of the ERC Starting Grant 2016

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Neuroengineering Subgroup


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