Dynamics of Cognitive Processes Group (DCP)

The team “Dynamics of Cognitive processes” (DCP) is dedicated to the study of the neural basis of memory, language, music and sensori-motors networks. The team results from an innovative combination of researchers and clinicians of the U 751, the INCM and APHM (Clinical Neurophysiology, Neurology and Neuropsychology and Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology Departments.)

The objectives of this team will be to study the neural network dynamics of visual and auditory memory and sensorimotor behavior, with a particular attention to linguistic and musical processing.

We are particularly interested in fast changes of network state induced by different sensorimotor and cognitive behaviors as well as long-term reorganization/rehabilitation in pathology. Moreover, the techniques of electrical or transcranial magnetic stimulation, by inducing a short and reversible disruption of the network state will provide additional information on the neuroplastic properties of the structures belonging to a particular network. In addition, the study of brain-damaged subjects is expected to contribute to the understanding of the dynamic properties of functional networks.

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