Research teams


All research projects are multidisciplinary and multi-levels. They rely upon strong links between the different teams and the exchange of methods and concepts. The INS manages to combine a unique set of expertise including functional neuroanatomy (from proteins in specific cell types to fiber tracts in the human brain), electrophysiology (from single channel activity to global activity in the human brain), imaging (from given ion species in synapses to human brain regions), behavior, psychophysics and theoretical neuroscience. Most of these techniques require complex analysis techniques, which often need to be developed in situ. As a result, training to new techniques and analysis tools is a constant component of institute activity. When the expertise is not available within INS, training is obtained outside, via our network of collaborations.

Dynamics of Cognitive Processes Group

Head: Daniele Schon, DR CNRS

Physiology & Physiopathology of brain networks Group

Head: Christophe Bernard, DR INSERM


Neuroengineering Subgroup

Head: Adam Williamson, ERC Research Fellow

Theoretical Neurosciences Group

Head: Viktor Jirsa, DR CNRS