Cluster usage policy

Here are listed few good usage rules:

- Please note that every user account  *strictly* limited to 1Tb.

- If you plan to launch huge simulations *more than 60 cores* for several hours,  please make a reservation  beforehand  of specific ressources you need.
Exemple to make reservation of one node at a specific date:
oarsub -r “2014-07-07 15:30:00″ -l nodes=1 -t “timesharing=user,*”
Then log to this node (xx) and launch jobs 
oarsub -l nodes=1,walltime=0:10:00 -p “host = ‘nxx’” -t “timesharing=user,*” “your script”

- In addtion, OAR scheduler was setted to let node 01   always  free for  interactive users.