The Virtual Brain HPC platform

The Virtual Brain (TVB, is an open source neuroinformatics platform, which combines a a large-scale brain network model and neuroimaging modality (s/EEG/MEG & fMRI) simulator, optimized for realistic brain connectivity & geometry and neural mass models, with a framework for constructing, visualizing and analyzing brain network models in a collaborative, project oriented user interface, accessible via web browser (  General purpose use is supported via SSH or Jupyter (, in addition to support for software development with an onsite GitLab instance ( This platform is backed by dedicated high-performance computing hardware, complemented by clustered nodes for virtual machines running public-facing web services, located in the medical faculty of the La Timone campus. Installed in September 2011, the cluster dedicates 95 TB high-performance storage, 2.5TB RAM, 400 Xeon cores & 8 NVidia GPUs to both local users in modeling collaborations and worldwide users of the TVB platform.

Users of the TVB platform can find additional information on the TVB cluster wiki or contacting a member of the staff. 


  • Huifang Wang (IR)
  • Marmaduke Woodman (IR)