INS_Tools is a set of tools commonly used at INS for data analysis and computational modeling in neuroscience. The intent of INS_Tools is to centralize and organize our tools to help INS researchers to find commonly used functions, models, and algorithms.

INS_Toolbox is available as a single downloadable file in two programming languages, Matlab and Python.

Download the INS_Tools here:
Matlab:, Each function (.m file) is accompanied by a self-contained example script (_example.m);

MULAN (MULtiple connectivity ANalysis): A MATLAB toolbox helps researchers to evaluate connectivity analysis methods in a systematic way. Available from:

Function List:

1. DFA.m (Detrended Fluctuation Analysis)
2. smoothen.m (Smoothens a time series)


Contributor list:
Viktor Jirsa,

Letter to Contributors (Including a formatting guide): [.pdf]

Contact list:
Matlab: Huifang Wang,
Python: Jean-Luc Blanc,