TNG Team Member

Irene Yujnovsky

Irene Yujnovsky, IR AMU


I majored in Biochemistry at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina in addition to having been awarded a research fellowship to investigate the role of a molecule with anti-hypertensive properties. After graduating, I pursued a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the IGBMC in Strasbourg, France in the group of Dr. Paolo Sassone-Corsi where my research focused on the transcriptional control of circadian rhythms.

At the end of my PhD, I decided to orient my career towards the coordination of scientific activities and project management. In 2006, I was appointed Scientific Administrator of the EPITRON (EPIgenetic TReatment Of Neoplastic disease) consortium, whose main objective was to develop and validate epigenetic drugs as a new paradigm for cancer treatment, was funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme and gathered together 13 labs throughout Europe. I was in charge of directly assisting the project coordinator, supervising the scientific workplan and of managing all administrative and financial aspects of the consortium. My activities included the preparation of the annual reports, the set-up of communication tools including the consortium’s website, the coordination of the annual budget and the distribution of the funds to each partner. Moreover, I was responsible for organizing the regular meetings (agendas, logistics, minutes, etc) of the consortium as well as of additional meetings in which we brought together EPITRON partners with invited experts to discuss relevant scientific topics and strategies. 
I was also actively involved in other aspects of the lab management such as grant proposal writing and reporting, staff recruitment and the daily interaction with other services of the Institute (HR, IT, purchasing, etc).

Since 2015, I am the project manager of the FHU EPINEXT, which stands for Fédération Hospitalo-Universitaire (FHU) “Epilepsy and Disorders of Neuronal Excitability”. Epinext is a multi-disciplinary structure centered in Marseille which focuses on epilepsy diagnosis, research and treatment. It brings together five established world leaders in clinical epileptology, fundamental epilepsy research and computational neuroscience. 

For more information on EPINEXT, please visit our website: