DynaMap Team Leader

Christian-G. Benar

Christian-G. Benar, DR Inserm
DynaMap Team Leader


Phone number:
+33 4 91 38 55 62

I graduated from Ecole Supérieur d'Electricité (Supélec) in 1994. I then spent one year as an engineer at the Hospital Saint-Anne in Toulon (with Franck Vidal), and two years as a programmer at Stellate Systems (Montréal). I did my PhD under the supervision of Jean Gotman at the Montreal neurological Institute. Back to France in 2004, my postdocs were in Marseille (fMRI Center, with Jean-Luc Anton) and in Sophia Antipolis (Maureen Clerc and Theodore Papadopoulo).

I was appointed researcher INSERM ("chargé de recherche 1ère classe" ) in 2006. Since january 2012, I am the leader of the junior group "Dynamical brain Mapping" within the INS. Since September 2014, I am scientific head of the Marseille MEG platform.

My research interest is signal processing applied to brain signals (fMRI, EEG, MEG), in order to characterize the spatio-temporal dynamics of networks in cognition and disease. Currently, our team is working on simultaneous recordings of surface (EEG, MEG) and depth (SEEG) signals.

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