Keynote Seminar: Jean-Luc Schwartz (Grenoble)

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“COSMO, a Bayesian model of perceptuo-motor interactions in speech communication”

I will present COSMO (Communicating Objects using Sensory-Motor Operations), a computational model enabling to analyze the functional role of sensory-motor interactions in speech perception and in speech production. I will present three properties of COSMO in speech perception, respectively called redundancy, complementarity (with the “auditory-narrowband versus motor-wideband” framework) and “specificity” (according to which auditory cues would be more efficient for vowel decoding and motor cues more efficient for plosive articulation decoding). I will sketch a possible neuroanatomical architecture for COSMO, and capitalize on properties of the auditory vs. motor decoders to address various neurocognitive studies of the literature. I will conclude on the interest of combining a complementary exogenous decoding system, optimally fitted on the environment stimuli, with an endogenous decoding system, equipped with generative properties.

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