INS Topical Seminar – Jean-Rémi King (New York)

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“Identifying the neural architecture of human cognition”

What computations are specific to human cognition? Are they supported by a particular neural architecture? How might such an architecture supplement the design of machine learning algorithms? Here, I will argue that the recent developments in 1) machine learning and 2) temporally-resolved neuroimaging offer a new opportunity to address these foundational issues. In particular, I will show how we can track the unfolding of complex cognitive processes, such as perceptual decision making and speech comprehension, and identify what representations the human brain encodes, selects, and maintains at each instant in time. The present studies show how we can isolate and track a multitude of processing stages reminiscent of deep neural networks. Finally, I outline a few promising research directions to investigate parallel, serial, and recursive computations in syntactic processing and conceptual composition. I argue that the present research program will pave the way to integrate the disciplines of biological and artificial cognition.

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