INS conference: The Dynamic Brain

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Our inaugural event “The Dynamic Brain” pushes the edge of our knowledge in brain research. During three days international experts and pioneers in system neuroscience will get together to discuss hot topics in clinical, cognitive and theoretical neuroscience.

Location: MPM Hémicycle, Marseille

Brain function evolves in space and time dynamically. So does Dysfunction. Epilepsy is a prime example for a dynamic disorder and is characterized by highly reproducible patterns of activity propagation through the brain network with characteristic temporal signatures. Cognitive networks and function are organized around similar principles. To acknowledge the spatiotemporal nature of the dynamic brain means to integrate old and new concepts in the same approach: emergence implies immergence; the mirror neuron principle; time delays organize oscillations; noise generates information. These and many others form the intellectual skeleton of our conference The Dynamic Brain. Thirteen eminent scholars from all over the world will debate these ideas in the context of their own work, followed by eight rising stars of INS who will show new exciting avenues for present and future research.

Program overview:
Day 1 speakers : Eric Halgren, E.T. Rolls, Elizabeth Murray, Fernando Lopes da Silva, John Huguenard, Andreas Schultze-Bonhage, Giacomo Rizzolatti
Day 2 speakers : Ole Jensen, Christoph Michel, Pedro Valdes-Sosa, Randy McIntosh, Peter Tass, Michael Breakspear
Day 3 Rising stars at INS


Access will be limited, please register as soon as possible.


(crédit photo Annick Coëssin