How to get to INS facilities



How to get to the INS (Faculty of Medicine and Timone Hospital)


By Metro/Bus:

Timone station is halfway between St Charles train station and La Fouragère, Line 1.  You can also reach the Timone site by Bus, 14, 40, 54, 72, 91. Metro/Bus journey planners and times can be found here.

By Car:

There is limited car-parking in Timone Hospital. You need to pay to park your car. There is also a very limited car-parking at the Faculty of Medecine. A parking garage is available (against a fee) under the Timone Hospital.

By Train:

Once you arrive in Marseille St Charles train station, the fastest way is to get the Metro to “Timone” Station (10-5 minutes).

By Air:

Once you land at the Marseille Provence Airport or MP2, you can either take a taxi to INS (50-60 euros, 45-70 min) or take a bus to St Charles train station (8,50 euros, 30 min, informations here ) and then get the Metro.

In the Faculty of Medecine:

Enter the main building of the Faculty of Medecine (see map below). You will see the library. Then turn right into a hallway which is divided into three sections (blue, red and green). In the red section, please take the elevator to the 5th floor.  Exit the elevator and go into the hallway, then make a sharp left and you walk directly towards the INS laboratory and offices. You need to ring at the door and the secretary will open. The INS Seminar Room is located on the same floor, on the right hand side un the corridor (see the map below).

MEG center:

The center is located in the Clinical neurophysiology department (Service Pr Bartolomei), on the first floor of the adult Timone hospital. Once at the first floor,  go left: the Neurophysiology service will be in the corridor, on your left. The MEG center is at the far end of the service, on the right (grey door).


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